Package pology :: Module ascript :: Class AscConfig

Class AscConfig

object --+

Representation of an ascription configuration file.

The settings are reached through class attributes. Some attributes are raw data read from configuration fields, while other may be derived based on configuration fields.

Parameters which have "for header updates" in their description are used for creating and updating ascription catalog headers, as well as original catalog headers when header update on commit is requested. They may contain a number of interpolations, see Catalog.update_header.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, cfgpath)

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Instance Variables
string ascroot
the path to root directory of ascription catalogs
string catroot
the path to root directory of original catalogs
string or None commitmsg
the automatic commit message
string or None langcode
the language code (for header updates)
string or None langteam
the language team name (for header updates)
string path
the path to the ascription configuration file
string or None plforms
the PO plural forms specification (for header updates)
set(string*) revtags
known review tags (empty string always included)
string or None teamemail
the language team email address (for header updates)
string or None title
the header title comment (for header updates; only for original catalogs)
{string: AscUser*} users
data for ascription users by username
VcsBase vcs
the version control system for catalogs

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Method Details

__init__(self, cfgpath)



Reads the ascription configuration file to set raw and derived ascription settings.

  • cfgpath (string) - the path to ascription configuration file
Overrides: object.__init__