Package pology :: Module monitored

Module monitored

Framework for monitored classes.

Includes the base class that monitored classes should inherit from, and some monitored partial counterparts to standard Python data types. Monitored objects are limited to prescribed set of public instance variables, and, optionally, the values which can be assigned to those are limited to a prescribed set of types. Each public instance variable has a shadowing modification counter, an instance variable which counts the changes made to the variable which it shadows.

As of yet, this module and its functionality is for internal use in core PO interface classes (Catalog, Message...), not intended for creation of monitored classes in client code. Use this documentation only to find out which of the methods available in standard data types are available through their monitored counterparts (e.g. Monlist compared to list).

Author: Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић) <>

License: GPLv3

Base class for monitored classes.
Monitored pair (counterpart to two-element tuple).
Monitored list.
Monitored set.
  __package__ = 'pology'